Qualitative analysis of glycerol

The Borax/phth test is special test for detection on the compound contain two neighboring hydroxyl group as in glycerol organic compound as the following:

1 ml glycerol layer mix with 1 ml of Borax/phth (red color) if the red color disappear in cold and appearing after heating (direct) this positive control. Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis

FTIR analysis was performed using instrument, Perkin Elmer, model spectrum one, for de­tection of transesterification efficiency of oil by determination of the active groups produced from these process.

The results obtained by Shalaby and Nour (2012) found that, two step transterification of oil led to 100 % disappearance of hydroxyl group but this was less than 100 % in case of one step transterification as shown in Figure (4).

1.4. Bioethanol