The superiority of biomass gasification gas as fuel

Biomass gasification gas is a good fuel. The benefits are summarized below: [4]

• Low heating cost:

(i) It has strong adaptability in gas boiler heating load. Within the system, its adjustment is flexible and its gas measurement is simple and accurate, making it easy to adjust the gas supply.

(ii) With less accessory equipment, starting quickly and no fuel preparation system, it can reduce all kinds of consumption of preparation work, and electricity use is less than a coal boiler.

(iii) There are few particulate impurities in the gas, and the boiler will not be exposed to heating corrosion of high or low temperature. There exists no slagging problem. The boiler’s continuous running cycle is long.

• Low equipment maintenance cost:

(i) The equipment of a gas boiler combustion system is simple, so there are less maintenance projects and lower maintenance cost.

(ii) Because there is no slagging and high temperature corrosion due to low operating temper­ature, heating pipes and air preheating element do not need to be replaced so frequently. With the rapid development of the gas industry, gas boilers and the extensive applica­tion of technology, accident-hidden danger are gradually reduced, and various protective measures are increasingly being perfected, which ensures the reliable operation of the gas boiler. Gas fired boilers in China are a new and booming industry, and has shown very broad prospects for development.