Evaluation of virtual case studies

Out of the large number of virtual case studies, a handy number of standard system configurations, which work best under different conditions, are identified. Based on these, the industry partners will provide consistent package solutions. These will enable planers and independent craftsmen to install reliable systems. The economical and ecological rating of the virtual case studies will also allow identifying the most promising markets, where systems are yet at the edge of economical breakeven point or beyond. Last but not least the results of the virtual case studies will be made available online with an easy to handle web-based tool, which can query it under different aspects.

3.3. Training on package solutions

Special training courses for solar thermal installers on standard system configurations and package solutions will be prepared and 15 pilot courses will be evaluated. Target group are (solar thermal) installers, because the goal of the packaged solutions is to avoid the need of engineering.

3.4. Dissemination, communication and training

Tailored dissemination, communication and training plans were elaborated to reach the different key actors. They include besides the presentation of results at relevant conferences and trade fairs addressing a wider audience (i) the dissemination of both the elaborated brochure and the online tool to query the virtual study cases towards professional groups (HVAC planners, architects, engineers, building industry), through their interest groups and associations (e. g. ESTIF, ECTP, chambers), where possible on the occasion of annual meetings or in synergy with related national and international projects, (ii) the provision of information and advice to (national) authorities on the potential of Solar Combi+ with the aim to include it in support programmes and (iii) the approach of local authorities in promising regions promoting pilot installations. Finally, information through public media in the most promising regions should give an important push to market entry. On the website all public deliverables will be available for download and most attention is given to the integration of the webpage in the existing information network on solar heating in general and combined solar heating and cooling in special.

4. Market analysis

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