Operation day in the cooling mode

In Erro! A origem da referenda nao foi encontrada. an example of the operation during a normal summer day is shown. The diagram corresponds to June 13th, 2007. Cooling operation starts at 7:30 and ends at 14:30. In the morning till 11:30 the chiller is operated with heat from the heating net as the temperature in the solar storage was not sufficient to operate the machine. The shaded area between 11:30 and 14:30 shows the time when the system was operated with heat from the solar system.

Large temperature variations can be observed in the driving circuit. While the cyclic temperature peaks observed in the return flow from the chiller in all circuits (T_HT_out, T_MT_out and T_NT_out) are characteristic of the periodic working adsorption machine, the variations in the driving inlet temperature (T_HT_in) are due to the dynamic behaviour of the plate heat exchanger within this circuit but also variations in the temperature of the heating net. These variations were not expected. A much more stable inlet temperature is observed during the solar operation period. Further it can be seen, that the boreholes effectively attenuate the temperature peaks giving smooth and constant feed temperatures (T_MT_in) to the machine.

4.1. Heating operation

For the heating operation the adsorption chiller is operated as a heat pump. For this operation the evaporator is connected to the borehole system and the heat rejection to the heating coil in the air handling unit.