Solar Blox

The assignment of this project was to design an autonomous PV system for beach cabins. The main criterion for the design was ease of use and ease of transport, since beach cabins are installed and de-installed once a year. The final design consists of different modules. Each module has a different function, ranging from battery, to charge regulator, to radio. A consumer can thus compose his/her own PV solar energy system. The connected Solar Blox form one console with a straightforward user interface in the cabin, instead of a collection of loose components. The use of modules facilitates transport of the system and installation of the system. And since the Solar Blox are specifically designed to be connected to each other, the consumer can be assured that the components are well matched together, thereby improving the reliability of the system.

Solar Blox are not limited for use in beach cabins. During the projects also in other markets (export) were considered for such a product. An order for a Solar Blox based PV system was already placed.


Fig. 8. Solar Blox modules in different combinations.

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