Analysis and discussion Thermal Results

The evaluation of the hygrothermal behavior of the chamber was carried out together with agronomic trials during winter. The heated beds and the pipes in contact with the grafted area contributed to raise the temperature inside the chamber. Fig. 3 shows three consecutive days measuring: it can be observed how the chamber reaches maximum temperatures (RT ins.) of 30°C and minimum values of 10°C, while the temperature outside (RT out.) was between 22°C and 6°C. Inside temperatures were maintained within the recommended limits. The three days had similar radiation levels with 730W/m2 at the most. The relative humidity during the first and third day was observed to be similar comparing the inside (RH. ins.) and outside (RH. out) values; whereas on the second day, a significant increase of outside humidity at night was observed when there is a 4°C difference between inside and outside temperature, being the latter at the lowest values this day.

Rooting beds