New Features for Building simulation in TRNSYS16

The multi-zone building model in TRNSYS is known as Type 56. Building input data is defined using a visual interface, TRNBuild. TRNBuild is the next generation of the well — known Prebid interface.

Integration of a 2-band model for solar radiation

Many modern glazing systems have properties depending on the wave-length of the solar radiation. For example, a sun protection glazing might have a transmittance for the entire solar spectrum of Tsol = 38 % whereas the transmittance in the visible band of the spectrum is Tvis = 66 %. Because of those selective properties, a 1-band model can give incorrect results if two or more selective glazing systems are in series, as shown in the following example:

The amount of energy entering the sunspace is 38 % for both models, but differences occur for the room adjacent to the sunspace. The amount of energy entering the room is 14.4 % for the 1-band model. The correct value of 22.3 % is only derived by the 2-band model with a visible and invisible band. The new 2-band model assumes that the solar energy in the undisturbed spectrum is split equally between the visible and invisible. The required glazing properties can be read from the existing window library.

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