Barriers to the development of renewable energy sector

In view of the growing interest in renewables, there are still a number of barriers considerably hindering the development of RES sector. These include: legal, financial and
economical barriers, lack of suitable information, difficult access to new equipment and technologies, educational barrier and even barriers arising from landscape protection. Through lack of good legal regulations investors are discouraged from building new installations and reconstructing the existing ones. Insufficient economic mechanisms in the state budget, including tax mechanisms and high costs of investments in facilities, installations and plants in RES sector as well as high costs of renewable energy technologies, make RE investment very expensive. Lack of tax preferences for import and export of equipment and components for the systems utilizing RES is also a considerable problem. All the above as well as a lack of legal and financial consequences for distribution companies impedes meeting quota obligation ordinance to purchase electricity from RES.

There is an urgent need for more information on RES issues, for better dissemination of technical potentials and for companies involved in consulting, designing and manufacturing services, which could offer cost-effective solutions to customers.

A number of education and training programmes should be organized to address the needs of individuals and group users. Good practices and guidelines should be disseminated to RES investors.

What gets in the way of widely implementing RES technologies in Poland is the low cost of energy from fossil fuels. There are no mechanisms to guarantee a stable revenue for independent green power producers. This creates problems particularly for wind power producers, as prices of electricity are not fixed for a longer period-contracts, are valid for one year only and have to be renegotiated every year.

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