Decommissioning and decontamination (D&D) strategy, practice and issues

Korean decommissioning and decontamination (D&D) work on the retired research reactors KRR-1 and 2 and the uranium conversion facility (UCF) at KAERI is under way. Hundreds of tons of metallic and concrete wastes are expected from the D&D of these facilities. Therefore, countermeasures are being taken to deal with the amount of waste generated by dismantling these retired nuclear facilities. Recycling or volume reduction of the large quantities of metallic and concrete wastes are key waste management options due to the difficulty in securing a waste disposal site in Korea and the capacity limitation of the temporary waste storage facility at KAERI. Recycling or volume reduction through application of appropriate treat­ment technologies has merits from the viewpoint of resource recycling as well as a decrease in the amount of waste to be disposed of resulting in reduced disposal cost and enhanced disposal safety.