Emergency duties and responsibilities

Overall command of the site emergency organisation is vested in the Emergency Controller who will be either the station manager or a nominated deputy. However, it is probable that the first indication of an accident will be received by the shift charge engineer (or shift manager) who will act as emergency control­ler until relieved by a more senior member of staff. The emergency controller is responsible for the coordination of on site actions, all aspects of plant recovery and immediate post-accident off-site activities aimed at protecting the public. The emergency con­troller is supported by a team of specialists, available on a rota basis, who will give advice and assistance on the health physics, reactor physics, operational and administrative aspects of the emergency situation. The emergency controller is responsible for:

• The assessment of any potentially hazardous situa­tion on the site.

• The issuing of appropriate warnings and notifi­cations both on the site and to relevant off-site organisations.

• The mobilisation of personnel and equipment to deal with the situation. Actions necessary to control the situation on the site.

• Radiological surveys both on, and initially off, the site.

• The assessment of any hazard to members of the public and the issue of appropriate advice for their protection.

• The initial provision of information for the con­trol of drinking water, milk and other agricultural products.

• The provision of information for statements to the public and the news media.

• The compilation of a record of events for future study.

On the declaration of a site incident or emergency condition all personnel will assemble at pre-arranged
muster points for roll-call and will then disperse to their emergency posts. An emergency control centre will be established at a suitable designated location, e. g., the conference room in the administration building. Operations staff will safeguard running plant and will try to minimise the effects of the accident. If the emergency declaration is made by the shift charge engineer, the main control room will serve as the emergency control centre until the duty emergency controller assumes his duties.

In the event of an emergency standby or alert, an operational support centre (see Section 6.2 of this chapter) will be established at a designated location some 5 to 20 miles from the site. Responsibility for the coordination and control of off-site activities, and for liaison with external individuals and organisations having responsibilities in an emergency, will be as­sumed by a senior manager at the operational support centre once that centre has been set up.