Future trends

The problem of radiation pollution in the environment is expected to increase as industries in the world experience pressure to reduce their carbon atmospheric contributions. The dilemma is that production of goods will only increase with population growth. Most countries are considering nuclear energy as the interim solution to the growing energy crisis. This will require environmental engineers and scientists to delve deeper into research on environmentally friendly processes to counter the pollution effects to avoid leaving a pollution legacy for the future generations. Advanced microbial cultures will be sought to treat a wider variety of recalcitrant pollutants. Discussions on the possibility of genetically engineering special­ized cultures for the purpose are not new in the environmental engineering fraternity. However, the application of ideas bears a large ethical burden as it is forbidden in almost all countries in the world to introduce genetically engineered organisms into the environment. Less aggressive methods for dealing with the problem without violating ethics include in situ bioaug­mentation and molecular bioaugmentation to a certain extent.