image2Vijay Kumar Thakur, PhD

Staff Scientist School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Washington State University, USA

Vijay Kumar Thakur, PhD, PDF, is a Staff Scientist in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA. He is an editorial board member of several international journals including Advanced Chemistry Letters, Lignocel — luloses, Drug Inventions Today International Journal of Energy Engineering and Journal of Textile Science and Engineering (USA), to name a few, and also member of scientific bodies around the world. His former appointments include Research Scientist in Temasek Laborato­ries at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Languha University, Taiwan, and Post Doctorate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State University, USA. In his academic career, he has published more than 100 research articles, patents and conference proceedings in the field of polymers and materials science. He has published 10 books and 25 books on the advanced state of the art of polymers/materials science with numerous publishers. He has extensive expertise in the synthesis of polymers (natural/synthetic), nano materials, nanocomposites, biocomposites, graft copolymers, high performance capacitors and electrochromic materials.

Подпись:Professor and Berry Family Director School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Washington State University, Pullman, USA

Professor Kessler is an expert in the mechanics, process­ing, and characterization of polymer matrix composites and nanocomposites. His research thrusts include the develop­ment of multifunctional materials (including the develop­ment of self-healing structural composites), polymer matrix composites for extreme environments, bio-renewable poly­mers and composites, and the evaluation of these materials

using experimental mechanics and thermal analysis. These broad-based topics span the fields of organic chemistry, applied mechanics, and processing science. He has extensive experience in processing and characterizing thermosets including those created through ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP), such as poly di — cyclopentadiene, and the cyclotrimerization of cyanate ester resins. In addition to his responsibilities as professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University, he serves as the Director of the school. He has developed an active research group with external funding of over 10 million dollars—including funding from the National Science Foundation, ACS Petroleum Research Fund, Strategic En­vironmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, and NASA. His honors include the Army Research Of­fice Young Investigator Award, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award, the NSF CAREER Award, and the Elsevier Young Composites Researcher Award from the American Society for Composites. He has published more than 110 journal papers and 3700 citations, holds 6 patents, edited a book on the char­acterization of composite materials, presented more than 200 talks at national and international meetings, and serves as a frequent reviewer and referee in his field.