Industrial Cleaning of Ethanol Plant

Periodic shutdowns due to maintenance and repairs as well as emergency stoppages are inevitable with all fuel and chemical production plants. In this regard, an ethanol plant is no exception. Certain pieces of machinery involv­ing ducts, pipes, headers, stacks, and valves tend to foul more quickly and frequently than other pieces, thereby plugging up the associated equipment, developing leaks, and potentially disabling the entire process. Therefore, highly efficient industrial cleaning of ethanol plants during periods of shut­down becomes an important issue. Several cleaning options are available and also conceivable, including chemical-based cleaning, hydro-cleaning, com­pressed air cleaning, and dry ice blasting. The dry ice blasting process is used to clean the ethanol plant and its vital components during the shutdown peri­ods [25]. One of its advantages over hydrocleaning is that there is no water left behind where the system has to be dry; other advantages include the non­toxicity of carbon dioxide as well as the availability of carbon dioxide on the plant site if captured during the fermentation stage. The need for ethanol plant cleaning is universally applicable to both wet milling and dry milling plants.