Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines has successfully demonstrated the use of algae as an aviation fuel in a 2-hour test flight at George Bush International Airport in Houston. The flight was the first test of biofuels by a North American airline, the first to utilize algae as a biofuel feedstock, and the first biofuels test flight in a two-engine jet (www. biofuelsdigest. com/blog2/2009/01/08/continental-airlines).

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The Boeing 737, powered by CFM engines, operated with a 50% biofuel blend in the right-side engine during the 2-hour test program, which included a full-power take off, a climb to 25 000 feet including a fuel pump switch-off, a cruise at 37 000 feet, deceleration/acceleration, descent, engine restart without starter and engine restart with starter, approach and go around, and landing. Preliminary data showed that the engines performed as predicted and the test flight was completed without a hitch.

The biofuel for the flight was created by UOP from Jatropha and algae. The fuel mix included 50% Jet A, 47% Jatropha, and 3% algae.