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Nanodiagnostics of Concentrator Solar Cells with Vertical p-n — Junctions for PV/T Systems

S. Gavrin 1, V. Simakin 2, S. Tyukhov 2, D. Strebkov3 I. Tyukhov2, 3

1 Nanocenter MPEI (TU), Energetichesky Proezd, 6, Moscow, 111 250 Russia

2 VEI, Krasnokazarmennaya, 12, Moscow, 111250, Russia

3 VIESH, 1st Veshnyakovski pr.2, Moscow, 109456, Russia

* Corresponding Author, itvukhov@yahoo. com


This paper is devoted to the developing PV/T (photovoltaic /thermal) system based on the solar cells with vertical p-n-junctions and, more particularly, to nanodiagnostics of such solar cells. Paper describes tendencies in developing PV/T approaches, including concentrator PV/T systems and evolution of solar energy integrating technologies, concentrator PV/T system developed at the All-Russian Research Institute of Electrical Engineering (VEI) for research purposes, technology of the solar cells with vertical p-n — junctions. The images taken with the help of INTEGRA scanning probe microscope in Nanocenter of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute MPEI (TU) are shown.

Keywords: PV/T technology, solar cells with vertical p-n-junctions, nanodiagnostics

1. Introduction

The purpose of the paper is to describe the first results of a project which is carrying out at the All­Russian Research Institute of Electrical Engineering (VEI). The project is devoted to designing, building and testing of PV-thermal concentrator system based on solar cells with vertical p-n — junctions. Solar cells with vertical p-n-junctions have a number of advantages: high temperature tolerance, low series resistance, bifacial sensitive accepting surfaces suitable for bifacial illumination, low equilibrium temperature, quite simple technology of manufacturing etc. Low series resistance allows solar cells to work under high concentration ration.