Analysis of Results

In spite of an early settlement of the monitoring system, the STS has undergone a period of either reduced load and/or deficient operation, which has prevented the collection of a representative set of monitoring data enabling a thorough analysis to the system.

To the present, monitoring operations have suited particularly the detection of system faults, rather than evaluation of system behavior and performance. Nevertheless, and beside a short fault examples list, the data acquired allows a preliminary analysis of system performance and trends.

2.1 Data system results

The actual monitoring period started in June 2007, when the building was becoming occupied and starting to be close to project conditions. The deployment of the STS started three months before, with the solar field working at limited capacity considering the low occupancy of the building (only a single 4 collectors group uncovered on each orientation).

2.1.1. System Deficiencies

After the deployment of the system, a number of fault situations were detected; either related to installation problems or inadequate load conditions.

The system proved to be hydraulically unbalanced in its East-facing collectors.

There were leaks observed in the pumping area.

After the leakages were fixed and pressure reset they reappeared (after 1 month) as well as in the East-facing collectors.

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