Dissemination, information and awareness campaign

To launch SAC systems on a wider scale and accelerate their market introduction, it is necessary to promote and disseminate gained experiences and knowledge throughout Europe. Especially in southern Europe, given high cooling demands, SAC systems offer environmentally friendly and highly efficient solutions.

Dissemination materials like flyers, posters, brochures and a best-practice catalogue offer helpful information on SAC and help to transfer project results on a national and European level, to create public awareness and to sensitize decision makers and professionals.

The project flyer and a project poster in English language were developed by the consortium and translated into all national project languages and are available at the web-page of the project. The project flyer was, for example, distributed by REHVA to all (> 1,000) participants to their Clima 2007 Congress, Helsinki, June 2007, and the project poster was displayed at REHVA’s desk in the Congress venue entrance hall.

In each participating country, different SOLAIR campaigns will be developed and carried out to advertise goals and tools of the project. Such activities may also include special press work, networking, round-table seminars with crucial regional actors and other forms of co-operation.

In each of the participating countries, several events will be installed targeting policy makers, European lobbying associations, decision makers and multipliers.

Half-day workshops will serve as information platforms for national decision makers and multipliers concerning the national status of small and medium-sized SAC appliances and recent project results.

A thematic workshop at a European level will address European lobbying associations and existing networks. The main objective is to introduce the audience to state of the art, potential and future perspectives of SAC systems. Possible financial and technological barriers are being tackled as well.

In order to give support to the partners in these activities, roadmaps were developed by Ambiente Italia and EVE. These roadmaps contain practical tools for implementing local campaigns and evaluating their impact (concepts for motivation events, exemplary press release, formats of technical documents for local campaigns, checklists, technical assessments as well as templates for evaluation of campaign activities and report on motivation events).

Several information requests about the technology and the project have reached the consortium through the project website, thus indicating the effectiveness of these dissemination and promotion tools as well as the increasing interest on the solar cooling topics.

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