Course description

The PV System Installation Training Course is a one week course, taught in fulltime (35 hours) for a class of 12 trainees. The morning sessions are devoted to theory classes and concepts discussions, while the afternoon sessions focus on hands-on practical experience, including system sizing,

installation and measurement of PV modules, inverters, charge controllers, and complete PV systems. The last session of the course includes a written assessment for evaluation of the learnt skills.

The contents of the theory classes are listed in Table 1. Although it includes a general overview of solar radiation, PV fundamentals and a short module on system sizing, the special emphasis of the course is given to practical installation issues related to system configurations, components, wiring as well as safety precautions. The course bibliography includes general texts on PV installation [1, 2] as well as specific instructions regarding safety issues [3] and a guidebook especially developed for this course [4].

Table 1. Course contents.

Solar radiation Annual radiation

Solar Spectrum

Diffused and direct radiation

Position of the sun



Solar trajectory maps (stereograph projection)

PV fundamentals Photovoltaic solar cells

Solar module IV characteristic Cell parameters Efficiency

Autonomous PV systems System configuration

System sizing



Charge controllers

Grid connected PV systems System configuration

System components Configurations for inverter connection Choice of inverters Wiring

Protection elements Grid connection

Safety PV systems handling hazards

Electric hazards Precautions

Risks associated to batteries Other risks

Safety recommendations

One of the defining characteristics of the PV System Installation Training Course is hands-on experience. The course thus includes a series of three afternoon lab classes where the trainees will

image184be involved in the tasks listed in Table 2, which also includes details on the equipment required for each task.

Подпись:Measurement of: Scope

• Solar radiation Multimeters

• Environment and module temperature, Therm°meters

• Battery charge current and voltage PV hybrid system

PV facade system

• Inverter output current.

Comparison between systems Discussion.

Подпись:System sizing Retscreen software

Tests and measurements Solterm 5 software

Discussion Multimeters

Electric wires Current shunts PV module [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

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