Development of a Training Course on PV Systems Installation

Miguel C. Brito7*, Joao M. Serra7, Jorge Maia Alves7, Killian Lobato7, Ivo Costa7, Antonio
Vallera7, Carlos Rodrigues2, Susana Viana2, Antonio Joyce2

1 SESUL, Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon, Campo Grande, 1749-016, Lisbon, Portugal
2INETI, Department of Renewable Energies, Campus do Lumiar do INETI, 1649-038 Lisbon, Portugal

* Corresponding Author, mcbrito@fc. ul. pt


The deployment of photovoltaics in large scale, in particular PV microgeneration, requires the development of a numerous workforce trained for PV systems installation and maintenance. Since there is an obvious lack of local training opportunities for PV professionals, the University of Lisbon and INETI have promoted a new Training Course for PV System Installation with special emphasis on hands-on practical experience and safety issues.

Keywords: PV systems, training, installation

1. Introduction

The full potential of photovoltaics, as microgeneration in residential urban context as well as in off-grid stand alone systems, can only be successfully achieved through the appropriate training of the PV installation professionals. In Portugal, where a recent law has defined the framework for the development of microgeneration, it is expected that this sector will witness a fast increase. However, if these systems are improperly designed, incorrectly installed, not properly maintained or if the users are not instructed in the proper use and routine maintenance, they will fail to meet performance expectations, or they might fail altogether.

Since there is an obvious lack of local training opportunities for professionals in this field, we have developed a training course on PV Systems Installation. The non-availability of similar training courses, certified or non-certified, required that the proposed training course should fulfil two objectives: i) prepare the participants for the installation of PV systems; ii) set a quality standard for other training courses expected to be organized in the future.

For the moment, the PV System Installation Training Course is open to professional electricians (Level III) only. In the foreseeable future, however, and as a result of partnerships to be developed with professional schools, it is expected that the training course might be offered within a broader context as a Professional Course of PV Systems Installation.

This training course was developed in a partnership between University of Lisbon and the Renewable Energy Department of INETI and tries to combine a solid theoretical preparation with hands-on practical experience.

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