Further implementation of “Solar Thermal Obligation” measures

Within the recently approved Energy Efficiency National Action Plan [21], some additional actions of the type “Solar Thermal Obligation” are introduced in the following programmes:

i) Energy Eficiency in Buildings

a. Measure “Micro-production” (R&S6M1) — incentive to micro-power production (PV, wind, hydro, biomass, …), with the mandatory installation of at least 2 m2 (on a basis of 1 m2 per 1 kW installed) of solar thermal to access a bonus on the kWh tariff, with exemption of the municipal licensing for small installations,

b. Measure “Service Buildings” (R&S5M2) — Implementation of solar thermal and of microproduction in schools;

ii) Renewables in the Moment

a. Measure “Solar Thermal” (R&S6M2), to get a solar thermal market of 175,000 m2/year — dissemination campaigns, incentives programme for the installation of new solar thermal (fiscal benefit up to 30% of the investment within the Income

Tax of Natural Persons, with a limit of €777), mandatory installation of solar thermal in new buildings, oriented programmes for specific segments (social dwellings, swimming-pools and showers, solar condominium);

iii) Energy Eficiency in the Public Sector

a. Measure “Buildings” —

i. Energetic Certification of the State Buildings (E8M1), covering 100% of the State buildings until 2015,

ii. Solar thermal in swimming pools (E8M2) — installation of solar thermal systems for solar hot water in swimming-pools and balnearies, covering 285 swimming-pools (property of both the State and the private sector) until 2015, including 100% of public swimming-pools and Balnearies,

iii. Solar thermal in sport parks (E8M3) — installation of solar thermal systems for solar hot water, covering 80% of the actual balnearies until 2015.

Meanwhile, it is expected a revision of the actual regulation [7-9], in the way of the answers given on the RCCTE Questions & Answers [19], as well the implementation of actions to overcome the referred (in point 3) lack of adequate knowledge by the stakeholders.

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