. El Salvador

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The foundation FUNDASAL — Fundacion Salvadorena de Desarrollo y Vivienda Minima, since 1968 has been undertake a enormous effort to eradicate the poorness and marginality with integral programs of houses construction and complementary services and the planification of rural and urban areas and settlement improvement [1]. With the survey carried out on El Salvador it was conclude the inexistence of systematic evaluation processes for adopted solutions, such as, the type of tiles used for the ceilings. After the meeting in 2006, in El Salvador, was collected some samples of tiles in order to measure at Department of Renewable Energies of INETI, in Lisbon, the superficial proprieties and based on the experimental results, a sensitivity study was undertaken concerning different tiles and colors. It was conclude that during the night period the internal and external temperature distribution are similar but during the day period, as is the incident solar radiation that determine the internal conditions with the smooth white tile is expected a reduction of 3 °C on the maximum temperature values. This measure is already been implemented.

2.3. Equator

In 2005 was identified the more sensible areas for apply the concept of energetic efficiency and it was implementation in some social houses prototypes of some technologies developed at the “Laboratorio de Energias Alternativas e Eficiencia Energetica”, such as, potable water from rain-water, thermo siphon plan solar collector, Trombe wall and bio combustibles [1]. After that a survey on social houses programs and their evaluation, the improvements introduced by the users and pos occupation studies. In 2008 it will be conclude the thermal evaluation of two detached houses with a mass and energy balance model.

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