Vision 2030

The ESTTP’s main objective is to create the right conditions in order to fully exploit the solar thermal potential for heating and cooling in Europe and worldwide. This would ensure long-term technological leadership of the European industry.

This potential will not be completely achieved by 2030. However, under positive framework conditions, it will be possible to substantially expand the use of solar thermal energy, and to establish the technological basis for achieving full potential in the following two decades.

As a first step for the development of the Deployment Roadmap and of the Strategic Research Agenda, the ESTTP has developed a vision for solar thermal energy in 2030. Its key elements are to:

• establish the Active Solar Building as a standard for new buildings by 2030 — Active Solar buildings cover 100% of their heating and cooling demand with solar energy;

• establish Active Solar Renovation as a standard for the refurbishment of existing buildings by 2030 — Active Solar renovated buildings are heated and cooled to at least 50% with solar thermal


• use solar thermal energy to cover a substantial share of the industrial process heat demand up to 250°C, including heating and cooling, as well as desalination and water treatment and a wide range of other high-potential processes; and

• achieve widespread use of solar energy in existing and future district heating and cooling networks, where it is particularly cost-effective.

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