Information and publication

The task is about midway in the progress, and most of the expected outcome has still to be developed.

However, some information is already available at the task web-site: www. iea-shc. org/task37

• Task 37 flyer

• The exemplary housing renovation brochures

With financial support from the Enova and the State Housing Bank in Norway, a set of films about housing renovation have been produced:

These films which are also available in Norwegian and German, are expected to be available from the task 37 web-site before the start of EuroSun 2008.

Other reports which are expected during this and next year:

• Housing segments with the greatest multiplication and energy saving potentials.

• Business Opportunities in Advanced Renovation

• Packages of technically and economically robust concepts for housing renovation which could be applied in concrete projects.

• Innovative future solutions with great potential of primary energy reduction.

• A “basics” on sustainable renovation including principles for the design and realisation of renovation projects.