Solar Power Station

At the start of the project the goal was to design a PV powered bilge pump for open boats. Already in the beginning of the project it was concluded that a multifunctional product would have more market potential. This resulted in the design of the Solar Power Station as a product that can keep valuable and vulnerable products dry, and that can provide energy to a range of electric devices such a a water pump, cell phone, GPS device, and a weather station that is integrated in the product. The Solar Power Station charges it battery via the PV panel. The PV panel can be placed separate from the station, on a location where it can convert energy optimally. Also can the panel be tilted towards the sun. The devices can be connected via 12V sockets and USB sockets. The product was developed up to a prototype. The company the product was developed for announced that it is planning to produce a small series of the product.


Fig. 9. Solar Power Station prototype with tilted PV panel