User oriented energy assessment of classified facade systems

Подпись: Fig. 2. Comparison of three differents facades in terms of primary energy

A user of the evaluation system can find the stored energy data of any fa? ade system he is interested in by an EXCEL tool. Figure 2 shows an example with the the comparison of three different fa? ade systems in terms of primary energy for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting.

By the comparison of different facade systems the energetic advantages and disadvantages of morphological variations of the facades can be found easily. In order to combine the evaluation aspect of primary energy with other aspects, like e. g. embodied energy, in an overalll evaluation, the

transformation of energetical data into marks can be helpful. Another way of cumulation are life-cycle balances. Figure 3 shows an example for the comparison of three fa? ade systems in terms of grades / marks on a scale from 1 (low grading) and 5 (high grading). The evaluation system offers a special EXCEL tool for calculating the embodied energy, based on tables with specific values for the most common building materials.

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