Dronninglund Fjernvarme is a district heating company producing 40.000 MWh/year with natural gas fuelled CHP and boilers. Dronninglund has got support to design an energy system with app. 35.000 m2 solar collectors, 50.000 m3 pit heat seasonal storage and 3 MW compression heatpump (thermal output) covering 50% of the yearly consumption. The heat pump uses CO2 as medium and can produce hot water at 80 oC as needed for forward temperature in the district heating sys­tem.

The pit heat storage will be of same type as the 10.000 m3 storage in Marstal, but the floating cover construction will be changed to a solution where LECA is uses instead of mineral wool and EPS as insulation and where the cover can be parted in sections making it possible to construct large covers and reduce problems if the constructions is not tight

Fig. 2. Construction cross section, Marstal

Roof-foi hvt. Underlayment for roof-foi

SecuGrid 30 x 30 380-500 mm Leca

Geotextile kl. IV

2,5 mm HDPE Polymermenbrane BAM

3 Horizontal valleys and 4 toppoint

bottom of valley

Minimun 4 permille slope.

1 — 4 drain pipes



Water 2.5 mm HDPE



Geotexti e к. V

20000 85000.

Fig. 3. Contraction croos section, Dronninglund

The heat production price is calculated to 70 €/MWh (annuity 0,1). Investment costs are app. 11. mio. €. The Danish Energy Agency is applied for support.

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