Both the in-core and out-of-core subsystems are identical regarding protection from electric, magnetic, and e-m fields. The signal cable from the detector or detector assembly to the remote amplifier is constructed with additional shields and guards. The remote amplifier itself is packaged in a manner consistent with a minimally susceptible subsystem; i. e., a shielded, gasketed, and decoupled enclosure, and the signal cable connecting the remote amplifier to the monitor is double shielded and guarded.

For the in-core subsystem, the in-core cable must be protected against these fields.

Copper braids have been introduced on top of the stainless steel — quartz — stainless steel structure to provide this protection.

Minimalization of susceptibility to line-conducted interference is accomplished in both subsystems by filtering and shielding the input power leads to the monitor and to the remote amplifier.