Cost analysis for 24-h hauling using rack system

The costs given in this section are presented without supporting detail. They were calculated using the procedures given in [69]. They are "best estimates" given current cost parameters. All costs are given on a $/Mg DM basis for operation of a bioenergy plant consuming 23 dry ton/h (20.9 Mg DM/h). The challenge is to find a way that machine productivity (Mg/h) can be increased.

3.4.3. Total truck cost

The assumed truck cost (tractor and trailer for hauling the two racks) is $630/d for a 24-h workday, which includes ownership plus operating cost, plus labor, but excluding fuel.

Подпись: $630/d 11.5 loads/d x 12.2 dry ton/load
Подпись: $ 4.49/dry ton = $4.95/Mg DM

Truck cost, excluding fuel, is:

Truck fuel cost for the 25.4 miles (40.6 km) average haul distance is:

(25.4 mi x 2) /4 mi / gal = 12.7 gal x $3.50/ gal = $44.45/ load
$44.45/load / 12.2 dry ton / load = $3.64/dry ton ($4.01/Mg DM)

Total truck cost is ownership and operating plus fuel, that is 4.95 plus 4.01 = $8.96/Mg DM.

3.4.4. Load, unload operations

1. Handling racks at plant: $1.93 (forklift) + $1.02 (backup forklift) = $2.95/dry ton

2. SSL operation: $3.66 (telehandler) + $0.98 (extra trailers) = $4.64/dry ton

3. Rack cost: cost for 230 racks = $1.80/dry ton

4. Storage yard at processing plant: $0.13/dry ton

5. Conveyor entering plant: $0.28/dry ton

(Note: 1 dry ton = 0.907 Mg DM)